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Follow up after your stay at the Cerdanya Resort to continue practicing once you get home and all this supported and authorized by a high-level athlete, of the mountain national team runner of Catalonia, Ragna Debates

Do you feel you should begin practicing sports again and you do not know how to start?

Would you like to start doing a sport that you can practice everywhere and in contact with nature?

 Do you want to start running, but your family obligations do not allow you to?

At the Cerdanya Resort we offer you:

The Running: Get ready to run into the middle of nature, with a personal trainer who will guide you from how to start running, to what are the most appropriate routes to take, to a training program that includes gym and swimming. Everything with the possibility to combine it with biking. Also a lesson of how to take advantage of the mobile applications.

Prullans – Running trainning 4.5km- Cerdanya Resort

Prullans – Running trainning 9km -Cerdanya Resort


Prullans – Running Trainning 17 Km -Cerdanya Resort

Cerdanya Resort – Running the bons Homes’ path – Prullans

Cerdanya Resort – Prullans – Masies of la solana


Prullans – Walk at the Serrat of Coronals -Cerdanya resort


Prullans – Circular Martinet and travesseres – Cerdanya Resort

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